Fly Tier's Guide to Hooks: The Handy Dandy Cheat Sheet

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If you've visited our physical fly shop you know about the wall o' hooks. If you haven't visited us, you should. If you don't have access to the Chicagoland area, here's a photo of what we're talking about. Hooks for days. Mike designed and installed a special sliding peg board system that is literally 3 walls deep. When you're facing the wall you see floor to ceiling hooks. When you slide the wall to the right, behind the wall is another wall and another wall completely stocked with hooks in varying sizes and weights. Thousands upon thousands of choices, all for specific purposes. 

Visiting the wall o' hooks without a shopping list or pattern in mind is not recommended--too overwhelming. It is easy enough for us to find a particular hook because they are organized, but that doesn't help with the problem some of our tier's face of not knowing which hook they need. To assist our customers we rely on experience... and also our handy dandy cheat sheet. Daiichi published this exceptionally helpful Fly Tier's guide to hooks in their calendar a while back. We think it is such a great tool, we just had to share. 

To view the chart or download the PDF of the hook catalog here:

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