About Us

About Us

For over 24 years, Whitetail Fly Tieing Supplies has been a fly tier's dream, offering over 13,000 fly tieing items. The shop was started by Chris Helm of Toledo, Ohio and purchased by Mike and Nancy Richardson of Geneva, Illinois in March of 2014.

Since purchasing the shop three years ago, we have added new products, developed an Online Shopping Cart, and engineered both a Zonker Cutter and Jig that allows the tier to cut their own Zonker strips in a variety of sizes.  We have met a community of very diverse fly tier's that tie everything from the smallest Trout flies to the largest Muskie flies, as well as the beautifully artistic Atlantic Salmon Flies.  Our customer base continues to expand across the United States and internationally.

Customer needs and creativity is what drives our product selection.  The stories and pictures that customers share with us drive enthusiasm for this wonderfully creative aspect of Fly Fishing.  We add new products often and customer requests are always welcomed.

About the Shop

We carry a full range of fly tying materials including adhesives, natural materials, synthetics, tube fly materials, threads, tools, books, DVDs and hooks. We stock hard to find items such as discontinued Partridge hooks, Gudebrod thread, McClean’s Velveteen Dubbing. We manufacture the Brassie Hair Packer and the Magnum Hair Stacker is made exclusively for us. We carry a large assortment of German scissors that are micro serrated on both blades. 

Deer hair is one of our custom items. Hides are hand selected by us to assure top quality, specific hair for numerous patterns. We grade all hides by season of harvest, color, texture, and length of hair. Hides are processed and custom cut to the customers’ specific needs.

It is our goal to provide the Fly Tyer, whether beginner or experienced, with all the materials they need to tie their “Special Fly” in a quick and reliable manner. We ship all over the world and welcome customers to our shop. Orders can be placed over the phone (630-402-0423), online at https://whitetail-fly-tieing-supplies.myshopify.com or emailed to Nancy.richardson55@gmail.com.