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Over at Whitetail Fly Tieing we are getting ready for the holidays. In past years customers have come to us for ideas on what to buy for the fly tier on their list. This year we’ve put together a must have gift list to make shopping simple.

Cyber Monday is our biggest annual sale of the year. One day only, we offer 15% off everything in stock when orders are placed online.

This year’s code will be published on our facebook and instagram feed as well as on our website. In the meantime, you can add items to your shopping cart anytime between now and the sale. Look over our list below for some of our best selling products for fly tieing.

  1. Magnum Stacker (Item # 2084 $35.35) and Premium Deer Hair (Item # 754 $13.25)

Hair Stacker,Whitetail Magnum   Deer Hair Premo Strips

 We have to start out our list with our top-selling Whitetail exclusive products. These two are sold separately, but make a great gift pairing.  We get our shop name from the legacy of Chris Helm, legendary tier, teacher and spinner of deer hair. Still one of our top sellers, the Premium Deer Hair strips in natural and dyed colors. The aluminum stacker  is a must have tool for learning new patterns that involve spinning deer hair

  1. Hair Comb (Item #2266 $7.50)

This bone comb is an exact duplicate of the original Griffin Hair Comb. Overall length is 5", with 27 teeth  properly spaced for combing deer, elk, moose, and other ungulate hair. Upgrade your set up by mounting your comb with the dyna-king comb holder sold separately.  (Item #2062 $29.00)

  1. Zonker Jig and Cutter (Item# 4835 $45.85 for the set)

Zonker/Crosscut Jig and Cutter, Whitetail Fly Tieing

If you’ve been following along with the shop’s news over the last year, you know that the newly innovated Zonker Jig and Cutter have been one of our top-selling tools. Sold out multiple times, we have a fresh batch of these wooden adjustable jigs in stock ready for holiday shipments and the upcoming tying season. Made exclusively in house, the jigs allow you to cut your own zonker strips at home in adjustable widths. With the jig comes instructions for use, or you can find video tutorials on our youtube channel. Jig (#4834 $32.50) and Cutter (#4833 $21.45) can be purchased individually as well.

  1. Renzetti Tool Caddy (Item # 2229 $29.00)


Tool Caddy, Renzetti

 Essential organizer that features a soft foam block with pre-molded holes and squares for cement bottles and tools. Very handy for keeping tools organized and your cement bottle from spilling.For those who travel to club tieing meetings or similar sessions this caddy makes it easy to transport all of your primary tools.


  1. German Solingen Scissors (Item #2307, #2321, 2164, 2209, 2315 $25.00-$56.00)

Scissors, Solingen German 5 1/2" (WASA)

For an heirloom quality tool that is worth the splurge, check out our complete line of hand forged German Scissors. These top-of-the-line ultra-sharp micro serrated blades scissors will change the world for trimming hair. Available in a range of styles and sizes, including those specifically designed for left-handed tiers (Item #7093).

  1. DVD "Spinning Deer Hair" By Chris Helm (Item #9082 $24.95)

Spinning Deer Hair with Chris Helm

This DVD takes the mystery out of "Spinning Deer Hair" to help you create durable and effective spun deer hair flies. Covers a number of topics including pelt parts to use, hooks, tools, stacking and compacting, installing eyes, rubber legs and trimming. With a run time of 60 minutes, you’ll get a lot more tips than the typical blog or YouTube video. Whether you are interested in learning tube flies, or basic methods, we have a range of instructional DVDs for sale in the shop and online. 

  1. “The North Country Fly - Yorkshire’s Soft Hackle Tradition" By Robert L. Smith (Item # $75.00)

The North Country Fly - Yorkshire's Soft Hackle Tradition

In addition to our DVD collection we have a great library of print media. Beautiful books you can return to time and again for instruction. Mike’s pick-- “The North Country Fly” by Robert L. Smith is great for those who appreciate the history of the art form. Smith’s  research has brought to light many rare and previously unknown documents, providing evidence for a tradition of imitative fly dressing going back over 300 years. Beautifully illustrated with examples of actual flies and materials, and with images from the original manuscripts, this book tells the definitive story of the North Country Fly. We even have a limited quantity of signed copies in store-- a beautiful gift for any tier.

  1. Fly Rite Dubbing Portfolio (Item #1225 $49.00)

A great value, all 45 colors of Fly Rite dubbing in a large wallet size portfolio.  The organized tier will appreciate having all dubbing neatly cataloged with colors grouped together by shade and tint, not to mention its tidy appearance.

  1. Dyna-King Vises and Accessories (Styles and Prices Vary)

Dyna-King Barracuda Rotary Vise - Pedestal  Base

Every year we advise new and experienced tiers alike on selecting the best tools for trade. Browse online for in stock items or give us a call to discuss the best tools for the tier on your list. Whether you are looking for a beginner setup for a young tier or a premium upgrade, we have a wide variety of products to choose from.

  1. Whitetail Fly Tieing Supplies Gift Certificate (Any amount)

If you’ve made it through this entire list and not come away with a fitting gift idea and are  looking for a way to show appreciation for a fellow tier, consider giving a gift certificate to the shop! Available in any amount, the easiest option when you’re not sure what to purchase for a friend who has everything. Gift Certificates may be redeemed online, but must be purchased by phone (630-402-0423) or in the shop.

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