Zonker Jig Cutter Info and helpful tips for cutting zonker strips at home

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We've been busy this past year with the creation and manufacturing of our Whitetail exclusive tool, the Zonker Jig and its companion tool the Zonker Jig cutter.  Mike created a prototype that he used in the shop for uniformly and quickly slicing a variety of hides into strips or "zonkers". Soon our customers were wanting them for home use.

We took the new contraption on the road last year and Mike began giving demonstrations a trade shows. Soon our waiting list had grown for the tools. After the first batch of Zonker Jig Cutters sold out in the shop, we started getting orders for more and requests for reference info and tutorials on using the jig. We have been working on responding to this customer requests while simultaneously hitting the woodshed to make more jigs for the upcoming year.

We have put together a PDF instruction sheet for loading the cutter, included with purchase. We have recently added videos to our youtube channel which demonstrate how to use the tool to make zonkers, and some helpful tips. Familiarizing yourself with these videos before cutting can help to prevent mistakes on valuable materials.

We will be taking the Zonker on the road again for the upcoming 2018 trade show season, so if you are in the midwest you can check out our facebook page to see if we will be at a show in your area. We are always delighted to chat with our customers in person and help answer any questions that we can from our booths! 

For those of you who have a Zonker Jig, here is a refresher on the steps to cutting your own zonker strips. 

1. Layout nylon spacers by desired size

2. Use Center hole in blade for first rod

3. Second Rod fits the NOTCH at the rear of the blade

4. Set up left to right, loading the desired number of spacers and blades onto the cutter

5. Once all blades, hex nuts and spacers are in place, tighten the nuts to close the cutter. (note: when the nuts extend outside spacers equally on both sides of cutter, blades should be aligned.)

6. Tighten the hex nuts on the rear rod (passing through rear notches of blade). These should fit firmly against the inside of both fenders. 

Use caution when handling the cutter and blades! 

To get your own zonker jig cutter or other fly tying materials, you can order online at whitetailflytieing.com or call to place an order. 



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