American Hen Capes - Black Laced White

  • $27.30

The feathers from the hen cape of the Whiting Farms American Hackle are some of the most broadly versatile tying feathers available. They have a greater density of web than any other hen hackle and typically the roundest tips. In addition the feathers are both long and broad with a more substantial quill. These characteristics are applicable to a myriad of fly tying realms, including: Trout Flies: Dry fly wings, caddis wings, spinner wings, trico and thorax wings. Wet: nymphs, wing cases, tailing and legs for stone flies, caddis flies, mayflies and attractors,pectoral fins for matuka and sculpin flies. Salmon and Steelhead Flies: whole feather wings, body veiling, collars, palmered hackle, throats and sides. Bass Flies: popper legs, crawdad and crab claws, divers, sculpins. (Whiting) $30.00 Item# 3022