Fly Rite (FlyTite)  Non-Toxic Head Cement

Fly Rite (FlyTite) Non-Toxic Head Cement

  • $8.45

Dries clear and flexible, only likely needs thinning after three or four year of not being used. Has no odor. Works well with all materials, but particularly with deer, elk, squirrel, and every other hair. The base material is denatured alcohol base, that if you ever do want to thin the Fly Tite you can purchase the denatured alcohol at the drug store. Any time you want to set a clump of bucktail, squirrel hair, calf tail or body hair, etc., a drop of Fly Tite is placed where the thread will cover the material. When wrapping the head, particularly on larger flies, make a couple of wraps, place a drop of cement on the head area, then continue building the head with flat wraps of thread into the cement. Do the whip finish and the process is complete. 1 oz. bottle. Item# 2544