Latex Strip

  • $2.00

Two 1" x 18" latex sheets that can be cut to make wrapped bodies and wing cases. Cream color can be changed with a Prismatic marker. Material can be cut with a straight edge and double edged razor blade, wing burners, or River Road Creation Cutters. To achieve a tapered body on a scud hook, Use a piece of lead tape cut in a long triangular shape to wrap over the hook shank before completing the body taper with a flat 140 denier thread. Attach the sticky back lead near the end of the shank and abut the wraps forward. Wrap to with in a 1/8" of the hook eye, then wrap back to the bend about 2/3 of the way. This process will provide a nice tapered body, and add some extra weight to the fly. Complete the taper with the 140 denier thread. Then add the wraps of latex to complete the body. This method is particularly effective on pan fish and trout patterns. Item# 3151